The Things I Love Most…


Today I’ve decided to compile a list of the things I love most about my “behavioral beauties”. Sometimes, it’s hard to see that there are many positive aspects to working with children who have special needs. They truly are beautiful souls!

  1. I love how literal they are. Sarcasm usually goes totally over their heads, which means their responses to my own sense of dry humor can be absolutely hilarious.
  2. They are some of the most forgiving individuals I’ve ever met. They might be screaming obscenities at me one moment, but the next they will be asking for a hug or inviting me to play with them.
  3. Their bravery amazes me. The fact that they are able to push through major escalations, panic attacks, and deep dark emotions, and come out on the other side smiling–they are some of the strongest people I’ve ever met.
  4. They are SMART.
  5. In the face of adversity, they try their best to overcome. They carry incredible determination.
  6. They are funny, blunt, and have no filter. They are unapologetic about who they are.
  7. All they want is love. They want to know that someone cares. If you can show that you care, you will be their best friend.
  8. To the people they love, they are incredibly kind. They don’t mean to hurt people. When they calm down, they are sorry and they work to make things better.
  9. They are often the first to step in and help others who are struggling. They are very compassionate, even if it’s hard for them to show it.
  10. They have indescribable potential in this world. The earth is a brighter place because of them!
  11. When they smile, the room lights up.
  12. They understand when you get upset.
  13. They are creative.
  14. They see life differently.
  15. They are beautiful.

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